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Men's Turquoise Cuff

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Opal and Silver Necklace in Open heart

Opal is one of the most desired semi-precious stone, in addition to being famous for october birth stone. This extreamly high quality opal cabochon is set on open heart specially designed by GAERA. Designed to dangle and sparkle on neck as luckly and lovely charm.

Baltic Amber x Copper Ring

Baltic Sea Amber [ Latvia ], set on organic shaped copper bezel & ring. Unpolished and organic shape copper gives super rustic and aged feeling. Amber was widely used for its beauty and healing property among Ancient Germanic tribes. This Baltic Sea Amber has such a beautiful glow, as if a firefly wondered around and decided to rest on your finger.

Copper Wire earrings

Wire copper jewelries has been created with ancient mankind for centuries. here, after learning the basic wire process in Turkey, I created simple yet elegant wire copper earrings. Althought the copper itself has elegant warm color, adding stones such as turquoise bring out the beauty of reddish golden color.

Crazy Lace Agate x Silver Ring

Crazy Lace Agate forms this beautiful organic patterns nfused with iron and aluminum. This particular grazy lace agate cabochon was found in Mexico. Setting this white, pink, gray, and brown crazy lace agate makes the unpolished silver stand out.

Smoky Quartz x Copper Ring

This custom smoky quatz ring was designed, after client picked up her smoky quatz in Sedona Arizona for her healing purposes. This earthy and giant quartz transformed into such a statement ring after I have designed with Copper Wrapping. Thick and confy three nails are designed to grab & enhance the power of stone. [ gaera design studio ] copyright