Biography バイオグラフィー
Born In Japan to a very creative family of: modern artist father, ceramic artist mother, pianist aunt, and dress maker grandmother. Since early age, Gaera spent most of her young age sewing, drawing, painting, mud playing and chasing after dogs and cats. After graduating Cal State Chico studying Art and 3D animation, she worked for an internet commerce company for 4.5 years, then takes her voyage to travel around world. She makes short stops in Turkey, learns creative process of jewelry making and semi-precious stones, then continues to learn art history in Europe. AT Gaera Design Studio, she combines all kids of artistic and design skills to create unique design. Gaera makes one of a kind jewelries and accessories where she sells on Etsy. Other time, she designs website, brochures, package designs for her clients. Gaera’s loves to bring art into everyday life. Her wearable art: fashion accessories are made with vintage items and can feel the history behind it.Balancing between making jewelries & accessories and graphic design work keeps her creative mind going. She resides in suburb of Phoenix Arizona with her husband and a dog.
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